Privacy Policy of TDULTRA

At TDULTRA, we collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy.

Data Collected

We limit ourselves to collect the smallest amount of user data that we need in order to create a seamless experience when using TDULTRA.

This data includes mainly: RTCICECandidates & RTCSessionDescription which is needed to establish the session.

RTCICECandidates, RTCSessionDescription is not stored in any persistent database, it's removed from the server as soon as the user leaves the call by closing the browser window. The media streams are encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

For Chat messaging and File Sharing, we using WebRTC's RTCDataChannel to transfer data directly from one peer to another. With RTCDataChannel, all data is secured with Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS). DTLS is a derivative of SSL, meaning your data will be as secure as using any standard SSL-based connection.

If you record a meeting, the recording of the meeting is temporarily stored on Your browser Blob, then will be downloaded on Your PC/Mobile Device. TDULTRA will not be held responsible for data breaches, leakes, hacks committes.


All plans are billed monthly, this is to ensure TDULTRA, our educational E-learning platform is updated and created specifically to suit your learning style.


We are proud to offer our members a “Satisfaction Promise” ensuring members that they may obtain a refund as long as there were reported software issues.

Amends to this Policy

TDULTRA, TutorDudes reserves the right to add, change, or remove information at any time. Subscribers are encouraged to check back often.